Area Total = 134.60 km2(52 sq mi)

Total = 63,689
Density = 473.2/km2(1,224.5/sq mi)

Zip Code = 2435

Location type & coordinates:
Pozorrubio, which have a latitude of 16.13(16 degrees 7'60 N)
and a longtitude of 120.57(120 degrees 34'0 E). It is a administrative
region (second-order administrative division) located in the area /
state of Pangasinan in Philippines that is a part of Asia.


Location placement:
Pozorrubio is approximately 381 kilometers north west(336 degrees) of the
approximately center of Philippines and 176 kilometers north (345 degrees)
of the capital Manila.

Area population and elevation:
Pozorrubio has a 10 square kilometer which has a population of 82269 (0.999823 persons per square meter) and an average elevation of 76 metersabove sea levels.