One of the language use by the Pozorrubians. Almost half of the people in the Pozorrubio use this language. Pozorrubio uses this language because we are part in the Northern Luzon which mostly uses this language.

More than 2 million people in the Pangasinan use this language.

This language is the common language use by all the people in the Philippines. This language is the key to communicate not only in the Pozorubio but the whole Philippines.

English is the language use around the globe. People today, use this even there is no Foreign people around. Maybe there are a call center agent or a “mayabang ” one. =)

(FYI: Ilocano comprises its own branch in the Philippine Cordilleran family of languages. It is spoken as a native language by eight million people. Which is Pangasinense gets two million only.)