CSI Pozorrubio

CSI Group of Companies is now at the Pozorrubio!

Yes CSI has a branch here at Pozorrubio. It is located near the Municipal Hall of Pozorrubio. This is the 17th supermarket established by CSI here in Pozorrubio. The new landmark of Pozorrubio where you can buy low-priced and good quality consumer goods without going to other places, thus saves a lot in terms of transportation cost.

Other towns with a CSI are:
• San Fernando City
• La Union
• Candon City
• Ilocos Sur
• Urdaneta City
• San Carlos City
• Alaminos City
• Bayambang
• Rosales
• Malasiqui
• Dagupan City

Benigno V. Aldana National High School


Dr. Benigno Aldana, director of a public school instead, was a prominent educator.

He was born November 19, 1898 in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan and Dionisio Aldana

Magdalena Vera.

He finished high school in Pangasinan High School in 1916 and

enrolled in the Philippine Normal School (now the University Philippine Normal). He was an active

student, regularly participating in school events and the publication of the organ school, the torch. In 1925,

He graduated honors. He continued his studies at the University of

Philippines, in 1931 obtained the Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in English

and in 1933, specializes in a graduate degree in education in educational administration (small,

Public Schools Finance), University of California at Berkeley, where he was

retired government from 1952 to 1953. His thesis was "Development of a Foundation

funding of public schools in the Philippines. "

Dr. Aldana began his successful career in education as a high school in 1916. It

increased rapidly, becoming elementary school principal in three years. He was promoted

high school in 1920 and supervision of teachers in 1921. Subsequently he became

Supervisor 91,926), and the division superintendent of schools (1933), which covers

provinces of Bukidnon and Camarines Sur. He served as a "master of the special touches" on the

Academic Division of the Office of Education and in 1940 was appointed to the Quezon

demand for education. He was technical assistant to the Commission solely on the budget

Before the Second World War broke out. He also worked as a researcher at the General Control


In 1954 he was adviser to the president for education. He had served as

Superintendent of private schools before sworn in as deputy director of public schools by

By President Magsaysay in 1955. In 1957, he took the leadership in public schools

Department, first as interim and later a permanent basis. His supervisor, Director

Venancio Trinidad, was withdrawn in December 1956.

As public schools, CEO, Aldana tried to delegate more tasks

Superintendents to strengthen the administrative work at the provincial level. He gave them more

flexibility in the distribution of posts of teachers, principals or supervisors, not only in an attempt to

decentralizing power, but also the hope of putting an end to corrupt practices and ugly

give thanks to the help of influential officials and politicians, and ultimately improve

The deterioration of public education, since teachers do or qualified and deserving

Heads should be used.

Aldana is facing a host of other problems, all he has tried to solve during his mandate.

Among them were the lack of primary school teachers and textbooks, the lack of funding travel,

and delayed salaries of the teacher. To increase public education, he started an educational program

Provincial schools with funding from the Government of Australia. Under the general title

educational project, he tried to create pilot primary schools from 1959 to 1960, except

continuous operation of the pilot schools that began in 1953, to improve the quality of

instruction. Sensitive to the needs of minorities, which had printed manuals in the native language

languages, such as Samal and Tausog. More importantly, led the aid program

them to acquire training or sending some scholarships abroad. Its

positions of leadership, supervisory and teaching were qualified members of minority groups

groups. He also supported the creation of community colleges across the country.

Aldana In July 1957 he was elected one of five vice-presidents, 20 World

Conference on Public Education, held by the Economic, Social and Cultural

(UNESCO) in Geneva, Switzerland. Only one representative of the Philippines

Paper presented at the state of Philippine public school system and made recommendations

improve public education.

Aldana is also taught in schools like the University of Manila, Arellano University,

and the National Teachers College, and wrote scientific works and extensive teaching and

psychology. His books include: The curriculum of the Philippine Public School: its history and

Development (1935), the educational system of the Philippines (1949), which received

good review by the Office of UNESCO in Paris, and public schools in the Philippines: its

Administration and Finance. He also co-author of textbooks, two of which are in English

Fundamentals of English majors, and the fundamentals of educational psychology. Items

wrote are still relevant today: "The mental health of teachers," "Are we going to liberalize

Our policy on religious education in public schools? "Y" A message to teachers in rural areas. "

Dr. Aldana has been four months of retirement when he died of a heart attack

UST Hospital, July 6, 1963. He gave 47 years of his life to government service. Was

survived by his wife Josefa Salcedo, and their children, Benigno, Jr., Mrs. Virginia Aldana-Rania

Ms. Aurora Aldana-Leyva, Mrs. Evangeline Aldana-Vitug, and Manual.


Cornejo, MR Commonwealth Directory of the Philippines, 1939.

Manila Times, 1963

Pozorrubio Hymn

O beloved Pozorrubio
Golden meadows far and wide;
Historic hometown, wealthy and cultured
Pozorrubio ili mi!
O beloved Pozorrubio
We are proud, loyal and true;
A melting pot of peace-loving people
Pozorrubio bahley mi!
O naraniag ka, Pozorrubio
With joy and pride we offer thee
We pledge our loyalty undivided
Pozorrubians strong and free.
We are grateful God Almighty
We offer all to thee;
God bless us all , Pozorrubians
In our town and overseas!
O naraniag ka, Pozorrubio
With joy and pride we sing to thee;
Pozorrubio, Pozorrubio
Strong and free!
Pozorrubio, Pozorrubio
Strong and free!

List of Postal Code

Many of us didn’t know what is the Postal Code of our present municipality is. Below is the list of the postal code of Pangasinan. Check your municipality:

Agno 2408 75
Aguilar 2415 75
Alaminos 2404 75
Alcala 2425 75
Anda 2405 75
Asingan 2439 75
Balungao 2442 75
Bani 2407 75
Basista 2422 75
Bautista 2424 75
Bayambang 2423 75
Binalonan 2436 75
Binmaley 2417 75
Bolinao 2406 75
Bugallon 2416 75
Burgos 2410 75
Calasiao 2418 75
Dagupan City 2400 75
Dasol 2411 75
Infanta 2412 75
Labrador 2402 75
Laoac 2437 75
Lingayen 2401 75
Mabini 2409 75
Malasiqui 2421 75
Manaoag 2430 75
Mangaldan 2432 75
Mangatarem 2413 75
Mapandan 2429 75
Natividad 2446 75
Pozorrubio 2435 75
Rosales 2441 75
San Carlos City 2420 75
San Fabian 2433 75
San Jacinto 2431 75
San Manuel 2438 75
San Nicolas 2447 75
San Quintin 2444 75
Santa Barbara 2419 75
Santa Maria 2440 75
Santo Tomas 2426 75
Sison 2434 75
Sual 2403 75
Tayug 2445 75
Umingan 2443 75
Urbiztondo 2414 75
Urdaneta 2428 75
Villasis 2427 75

Save Wise in Pozorrubio

Save Wise Mall has come to Pozorrubio! A department store whose lots of items you can buy in cheap price! Come and visit this. 

Magic Pozorrubio

It was February 19 2010. Day of Friday, When Magic Pozorrubio comes alive! Which Magic Group of Companies headed by Benjie Saplan Lim brings the Magic in Pozorrubio. It is along the highway inside the barangay Cablong. It is not hard to find when you come from the other place.
In the same building you can find the University of Luzon, Pozorrubio Campus. 

Patupat Festival

 Patupat, have you heard that named before? It was a sweet and delicious food where wrapped in banana or coconut leaves. In Pozorrubio, it was made from sticky rice and cooked in boiling water sugarcane-juice, mostly in big pots.  The wrapped around the patupat is made from young coconut leaves where done by knotted by both ends which the midribs has been removed. Then the knots are removed and then joined to make a bag for the patupat.
This food is the main food for the festival of the Pozorrubio. This has been held during the month of January. It serves in a long table where the people and visitors of Pozorrubio can join and taste the sweetness of the Patupat.